What To Do With Fighting Felines

What To Do With Fighting Felines

Cats need their own square footage to live in.  They also need to be able to be away from other cats and living beings when they want, to be happy.  So if you have two cats that have always shared the space but now you have added a third to the mix, and you have noticed some tension in the room, this could be why.

 What to do with fighting felines

Cats love their space.  Places like the backs of couches and window sills because these areas are always open and provide a place that is high up and out of the way.  They also prefer places like under the bed and a chair seat under the table because they are secluded and everyone needs their private time.

Cats just do not share well by nature.  This is why some cats may need their own food bowls and liter boxes.  If you happen to notice that your cats just can’t seem to get along try adding some space for them.  Such as creating a hammock underneath a window sill or a cat tree with three levels with more of those going towards the ceiling. 

Cats also like “walks”.  Village Veterinary Hospital has cat collars and leashes.  If your cat is not use to the leashes, slowly break them in by short walks at first.  But this will help with making their “space” fell a little larger.

Cat tree

Just remember when you add a new cat to the mix, add a few extra bowls and perches.  Without this, it would be like you in-laws coming over and sharing your toothbrush, forever.