Urinary Tract Infection’s

Calcium Oxalate crystals (Bipyramidal, rhubarb, ethylene Glycol)Yes, just like people, cats and dog’s can get urinary tract infections.  And just like people, UTI (urinary tract infection) are common and uncomfortable to our pets.

What is a Urinary Tract Infection?
UTI’s are caused by bacteria/crystals in the bladder or urethra.  UTI’s make it very painful to urinate and if not caught early these infections can spread to the kidneys, making problems worse.

What are the signs of a Urinary Tract Infection?
If your cat or dog show one or more of the following signs, please contact our office for an appointment and one of our doctors will get a look at your pet.

Your pet urinates more frequently and is starting to have accidents in the house.
Signs of blood in the urine.
Your pet strains or cries when urinating.
You notice a bad smell to your pet’s urine.
Your pet is running a fever.

Can Urinary Tract Infections be treated?
Yes they can.  UTI;s can be successfully treated with antibiotics.  Just like with any infection, the quicker you notice a problem and have your pet seen by our office, the more successful outcome you will have with treatment.

Will Urinary Tract Infections return?
Yes, not always but unfortunately urinary tract infections can and will return.  We may suggest a change in diet, also by providing fresh clean water helps and believe it or not, yogurt works well too.  If you have any questions or think that your cat or dog might possibly have a urinary tract infection, please contact our office at