Hi my name is Tynisha. I am very excited to be a vet assistant here at Village Vet, where I get to interact with many different types of animals. I enjoy learning from all of the staff here. I was born and raised in Los Lunas. My family is no further away than Tome and Bosque Farms. My passion for animals has been with me since I was a little girl. I tried to keep every stray animal that wondered around my grandparents in Peralta. My grandpa was very encouraging and would tell me that yes we could keep it meanwhile knowing the animal would be returned to the neighbor after I returned home.

My passion became part of my work in July of 2014. I have been very grateful for the learning opportunities that I have been a part of through the animal establishments that I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ve worked in many areas such as boarding kennels, shelters, training facilities, and here to Village Vet.

My family consists of three dogs and a cat. Majority of my spare time is spent with them. Pharrah, my oldest dog will play fetch with me until dark. Cleo the youngest runs along beside her just for fun. Aria is the smallest but she never leaves my side. Dinah is my cat. She will watch us play from the porch as she grooms her beautiful long hair. The rest of my spare time is filled with exploring new places, indoors and out. I also really enjoy bowling, playing pool, and various board games.