Sandy McCallister

Hi, my name is Sandy McCallister and I am the proud wife of Dr. Mike McCallister. I also am the Office Manager of Village Veterinary Hospital. We have had a great adventure in the past 30+ years with this wonderful business.

I have an Associates degree in Business from New Mexico State University We started this business in 1987 when our children were very young. At that time I was the receptionist, Assistant and bookkeeper. When necessary my mother would come in and help answer phones or baby sit the kids while we worked long hours. Through the years we have added to our staff and have been very fortunate to put a great team together.

We are very proud of our children, Dianne, Robert and David. Our daughter graduated from New Mexico State University with two degrees in four years in 2005 and move to Arizona. She is now working with a great firm and continues to broaden her future. Robert is still part-time at our office but seeks bigger adventures “guiding” hunts as well as a guide for fly fishing. His career allows him to travel all over the United States as well as Africa. He has definitely  found his “nitch” and passion! As you see from our staff members, David is working at Village Veterinary Hospital.

Our family has raised several animals through the years and had great fun doing so. Our children show pigs and lambs through the 4-H and FFA programs. If you have never raised pigs before you would be extremely surprised at how much personality they really have. We have great memories from that time.

We currently have 1 boxer and 1 horse. I am proud to say that because we have such a wonderful staff I do not have to work full time and can come and go when necessary. That is due to having a staff that takes pride in what they do.