Pre-Purchase Exams for Equine

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAOwning a horse can be a big investment in time, money and emotion.  Unfortunately, horses seldom come with money-back guarantees.  Knowing about the health and condition of a horse before completing a purchase is one of the most significant factors in deciding whether that animal is going to be a wise investment.  The expense of the exam is well worth it, considering the long-term costs of keeping and caring for a horse with health problems.

Purchase Exams should be custom-tailored:
Purchase exams will vary, depending on the intended use of the horse.  Example, a brood mare may require a thorough reproductive exam or a gelding intended for a show hunter may need a comprehensive physical exam that includes a battery of lameness tests.  Always be sure to inform the doctor at Village Veterinary Hospital that is performing the purchase exam on your horse exactly what your intentions are so that the correct procedures are being performed.

  No Pass No Fail:
Our doctor’s job is neither to pass nor fail the horse you have brought for the exam.  Rather, it is to provide you with the information you need regarding any existing medical problems and to discuss those problems with you so that you can make an informed purchase decision.  Depending on the results of the exam, for example, evaluating his/hers conformation, eyes, vital organs, signs of injury or disease, you can discuss with our doctor at that point what or how the results could affect the performance of the horse.

Further Tests:
If our doctors suspect something that may interfere with the horse’s intended use, he or she might recommend additional tests at that point.  These tests could consist of x-rays, nerve blocks, urine and blood analysis, endoscopic or ultrasound.  Such additional tests may be useful in providing the information needed to complete the purchase exam.

It is important to include radiographs in your pre-purchase exam.  Of course, radiographs can confirm such things as bone spurs or navicular disease.  Village Veterinary Hospital radiographs are all digital.  Your results are immediate and our doctor will go over the results with you at that time.
If you have any further questions or you want to schedule a pre-purchase exam for a potential new companion, please contact our office at