Poisonous Plants for Pets

Poisonous Plants for Pets

We all enjoy planting our yards and keeping beautiful plants in our homes but did you know some of the common plants can be poisonous to our pets.  We will list a few of the ones you might recognize but always be aware if the plants you bring into your environment are dangerous.

poisonous_plants_arrowgrass     Arrowgrasses – plant leaves are the toxic

poisonous_plants_azaleas     Azaleas – They are a wild shrub and the entire plant is toxic

poisonous_plants_bird_of_paradise     Bird-of-Paradise – This is a beautiful flowering plant and the pods are the toxic part

poisonous_plants_christmas_berry     Christmas berry – The leaves of this shrub are toxic

poisonous_plants_daffodil     Daffodil – The actual bulbs are toxic

poisonous_plants_daylilly     Day Lily – This wildflower plant is toxic to cats

poisonous_plants_elephantsear     Elephant’s Ear – We like this house plant but the entire plant can be toxic

poisonous_plants_englishivy     English Ivy – An ornamental vine entire plant can be toxic but especially the berries and leaves

poisonous_plants_iris     Iris – We see a lot of these in the spring time and they grow in several wonderful colors.  The leaves and roots are both toxic

poisonous_plants_morning_glory     Morning glory – The seeds and roots of this wildflower are toxic

poisonous_plants_mustard     Mustards – The grows wild and the seeds are the toxic part

poisonous_plants_poinsettias     Poinsettias – We love these around Christmas time but the leaves, stems and flowers are all toxic.

poisonous_plants_rhubarb     Rhubarb – We grow this in our gardens but the leaves can be toxic

poisonous_plants_wisteria     Wisteria – the pods and seeds are both toxic


These are just a few plants that are poisonus to your pets, if you have any questions, just ask us and we will be happy  will appear to make sure you are keeping your animals safe at all times.  If your pet does eat a plant and you have any questions about it please call Village Veterinary Hospital at 505-869-2627 and we will make sure your pet is treated properly.