Fighting Equine Arthritis

Fighting Equine Arthritis

Arthritis is often thought of as a condition of aging, mainly because its first outward signs tend to show up later in a horse’s life.

Many of the factors that lead to their condition is work – in the way the horse is manages – fed and ridden in their earlier years.  In fact, the decisions you make about your horses care at every phase of their life ultimately affect if, when and to what extent they develop arthritis.

So starting today regardless of your horse’s age, you can start taking steps to protect your horse and their joints.

Even as young foals or weanlings, it is important to start a good program.  The right diet, balanced hooves and exercise will all play an important role later in their lives.

 As young horses their cartilage is still forming and is not able to withstand intense or repetitive work.  Ground work is always the best training for young horses until they are mature enough to start riding.

Middle age horses should be kept in good physical condition, and proper hoof care is very important. 
Products that help with maintenance of soundness include Platinum Performance, Adequan and Legend along with certain use of anti-inflamatories.  Platinum Performance is an excellent nutritional supplement to assist in overall health and coat condition.

Our older horses require us as owners to always be on our toes and notice any changes.  Addressing issues early is the key!!  Annual visits to your veterinarian are always important but it is SO important to our older horses!

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