Equine Rhino and Influenza Flu Vaccine

Equine Rhino and Influenza Flu Vaccine

Village Veterinary Hospital suggests that you vaccinate your rhino_flu_palaminohorse with the Equine Rhino Flu vaccine in the fall. The Equine Rhino and Influenza Flu vaccine will help protect your horse against Rhinopneumonitis and Influenza. Both diseases effect the upper respiratory system. Influenza is known for being the most common in horses.

Both Equine Rhino and Influenza Flu have similar symptoms and signs to watch for:

  • Fever
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Nasal Discharge

Influenza will have a Dry, and Hacking Cough.

Here are a few suggestions to help maintain a good healthy horse during the fall and winter months:

– Feed your horse high quality hay.
– Always ensure that your horse has access to fresh and clean water.
– Change the bedding regularly.
– Separate young horses from the older horses.
– Boost your horse’s immune system with supplements.
– Keep your horses warm and dry in cold conditions.
– Keep your horses vaccinations current year round.

Please call Village Veterinary Hospital if you have any questions. 505-869-2627