Digital Radiology

Digital Radiology

Village Veterinary Hospital is very proud to be able to offer their clients with the latest in Veterinary Technology, Digital Radiology.  This service provides our costumers with accurate information and instant results.

Much like digital cameras have made photography easier and more efficient for people who are professionals (or not),

Digital Radiology provides our doctors with sophisticated imagine processing tools, giving the radiograph greater depth of information that can be manipulated or enlarged for more detail of the concerned area and without having to wait for the film to be developed, especially on house calls, in which case the film had to be taken back to the hospital and developed then,

Digital Radiology gives an image immediately at the exam site to be viewed by our clients.

Digital Radiology also requires fewer retakes.  Why?  Well if there is a problem with the image, for example, the radiograph is to light or to dark; the image can be computer-enhanced to fix the quality of the radiograph.  With fewer retakes also provides our doctors, technicians and patients less radiation exposure. 

 Village Veterinary Hospital uses Digital Radiology in our hospital and on our house calls.  If you have any questions regarding Digital Radiology or you would like to make an appointment, please contact our office at