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Microchip May Facts

A microchip is your pet’s permanent identification that lasts a lifetime.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice.

Micro-chipping does not hurt your pet. When the microchip is implanted, your pet will feel a slight pinch. No more than the same pinch they feel when getting a shot. 

Your pet has a higher chance of returning home with a microchip. Pets can lose collars with identification tags but can never lose a microchip. 

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Why the New Site?

NewSiteWhy the New Site? It’s a good question. Well the simple answer is that as technology changes, we have to be changing with it or we will be left behind. As we change, we change for the better. Better answers, service, help and better veterinarians. Change is hard, but good. Good for you and good for us. One new change that we like about our new site is that we are now mobile. We were mobile before, but not like this. You can view our new site from any smart phone, this allows you to get answers for questions you may have in the field or on the road from our well qualified vets. It’s pretty cool. Thanks for visiting our new site and please come back and see the new updated changes that come often.

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