What is in a Name?

What is in a Name?

Some people believe that names can affect the way people behave and how they feel about themselves.  Puritans believed this and gave their children names like Felicity and Obedience in hope that the children would live up to their names.  But could this be true about pets?

Would you feel comfortable petting a dog named Killer or Psycho as you would petting Wiggles or Molly?  Choosing the name for your pet is an important decision, but along with showing off your originality perhaps you should try to capture the essence of your pet.

In the past we tended to name our pets based on some physical or personality trait, like Spot and Rover.  However today we think of our pets as real family members and the latest trend is to give dogs human names, names we would give to our children.

Here is a list of the top male and female names and their meanings:

Boy Dog Name:
Max – Strong and Fearless

Buddy – The Welcome Messenger

Jake – Cute and Intelligent

Rocky – I’m the hottest thing in the world

Bailey – Trusted guardian of others property

Buster – Extraordinary One

Cody – A Cushion

Charlie – Strong and Manly

Bear – Large Mammal with large head, bulky body and coarse fur

Jack – To Love Another

Bella – Italian for beautiful


Girl Dog Name:
Molly – Pearl

Maggie – Bitter

Daisy – The Days Eye

Lucy – The Best Name Around

Sadie – Loves to Play and Dance

Ginger – A Spice

Chloe – Fresh Young Blossom

Bailey – Trust, Protective and Loyal

Sophie – Wisdom

Zoe – Light and Soft

Make sure you choose a name your pet will easily recognize.  Avoid names that sound too much like standard commands, for example, when you call “Joe” it might sound to much like “no”.

Just remember that when you are choosing your dog’s name, it is his/her’s name for life.  Give them one they can be proud of.