Hi, my name is JoAnn Tennison and I joined the family here at Village Veterinary Hospital as their Beautification Expert but I prefer the name of “House Mom”.

As a long-term client of Village Veterinary Hospital, I know the importance and pride Dr. McCallister takes in a clean environment and I am proud that I am able to offer this to our clients and their pets.

Raised as an Air Force brat, and then married to an Air Force retiree, I still managed to live most of my life in the Albuquerque area.

I graduated from UNM School of Medicine in 1973 and worked as a medical technologist at Presbyterian Hospital for 32 years. Raising horses in my college years, I gradually shifted to cats and eventually started raising and showing Dachshunds and Chinese Cresteds (achondroplastic dwarves and hairless freaks). I am also the secretary for our local rockhound club, a rabid soduka and ken kenan, and an avid reader of Dean Koontz novels.