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Microchip May Facts

A microchip is your pet’s permanent identification that lasts a lifetime.

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice.

Micro-chipping does not hurt your pet. When the microchip is implanted, your pet will feel a slight pinch. No more than the same pinch they feel when getting a shot. 

Your pet has a higher chance of returning home with a microchip. Pets can lose collars with identification tags but can never lose a microchip. 

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Cat Kidney Care

Your cat’s kidneys play a very important role in most of its bodily processes. The kidneys help control the blood pressure and they produce a variety of vitally needed hormones and enzymes. They help with the production of red blood cells and remove metabolic waste, like urea, mineral salt, and poisonous substances from the blood.

If the filtering system of the kidneys breaks do20160610_130544wn, toxic waste can accumulate in the recirculating bloodstream, and severe complications may affect other organs. There are two categories of kidney failure (renal failure): acute and chronic renal failure.

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